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The SelkieMermaid program spans 10 lessons, with one lesson per week. The cost is $75 per month and includes the rental of the fin and tail. A minimum of 3 months is required. Participants are welcome to continue to practice after their program is complete.

Register for a program session and pay by credit card by calling 802-851-8357 or 802-585-6677 or sending your phone number in an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Do not send credit card information in the email.

Classes are offered to children ages 7-13 and adults ages 14 and up. Girls, boys, women and men, all are welcome to participate!

The first class begins with an assessment of each participant's swimming abilities. The instructor will adapt the lesson plans so that each person gets the most out of the hour, with lots of fun and exercise.

Classes are based on the Red Cross model, with warm-up exercises, safety talk, review of previously taught skills, new skills, mermaid games, and cool-down. Some mermaid lore will be thrown in as well!