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Ready for some Merm-Elation?

Birthday! Bachelor! Bachelorette! Retirement! Use your imagination!

SelkieMermaid will provide the tails and instruction for you and your friends to have the time of your life!

Price: $300 (including 7 participants) $30/additional participant

Book a party at Smugglers' Notch by calling (800) 419-4615 or (802) 644-1293.

Book your party at your own pool by calling 802-851-8357 or sending your phone number in an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Description: 1 hour mermaid party in the pool, with a private instructor including the mermaid tail equipment rental.

Location: Parties are available at any of the pools at Smugglers' Notch Resort.

Also, if you have a pool, we can hold the mermaid party there.

Children under 7 years old:

They can wear our tails without fins on the deck and can cast their wishes on the mermaid to perform tricks.

With parents' participation in the pool, they can swim with the mermaid.

Children 7 - 13:

The mermaid instructor will show them how a mermaid swims and they can wear a fin and tail and try it as much as they want. They will learn Mermaid Surfacing, Mermaid kiss, tail flap and Mermaid Hello!

There will be games and treasure!

Teens and adults:

The mermaid will provide an introductory class with full instruction and use of the fin and tail. Games to top it all off!